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Law -and regulation

Stay informed with an up-to-date Miro board about the latest laws and regulations in the field of sustainability

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The role of sustainability

A study involving 45+ non-listed companies (in Dutch).

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Map out the greenhouse gases of your company

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Carbon footprint

Map the greenhouse gases from your business activities. We assist you in calculating your CO2 footprint at both company and product levels, and support in achieving reductions.


Identify the key sustainability themes for your organization, work towards improvements, and communicate this clearly and transparently to your stakeholders. We report accoroding GRIĀ and CSRDĀ reporting standards


Attain certifications to meet new standards, such as B-Corp, EcoVadis, or Science-Based Targets. We assist you in achieving the certification and attaining the desired score

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Gaining a competitive

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Complaint towards
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Accessing to favourable
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Reduce company risks

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About Sustainall

Sustainall was founded by Jeff with the aim of making the initial steps towards sustainability as simple as possible for non-listed organizations. How do you get the rest of the organization on board, and what is the best way to start?

At Sustainall, we provide customized guidance, and with a pragmatic approach, we enable companies to achieve their sustainability goals. In this way, we aim to make sustainability accessible to every organization

Jeff van Eijk

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